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  Galvanized Steel in use


One of the great advantages of hot dip galvanizing is its versatility. Following are only some examples of galvanized steel applications.

            If you want to see some of our successful galvanizing projects in Costa Rica, please click the link below




Building & Architecture

Facades of buildings, structures, commercial and industrial buildings, enclosures, etc.

Reinforcing Steel

Reinforcement for bridges, retaining walls, electrowelded mesh, concrete roads, etc.

Highway Products

Sign structures, barriers, fencing, and guardrail, etc.

Electrical, Utility & Communication

Electric transmission towers, Telecommunications towers, Electrical generation structures, etc.


Greenhouse structures, Irrigation systems, Livestock, Pig farms, Fishing, etc.


Truck platforms, Boat parts, Boat carts, Anchors, Chassis, Chains etc.


Nuts, Bolts, Nails, Washers, etc.

Art & Decoration

Sculptures, Monuments, Decoration in general, etc.

Urban Furniture

Seats, Trash cans, Train and bus stations, Lighting poles, etc.

Recreation & Entertainment

Stadiums, Pools, Sports centers, Parks, Lighting systems, etc.

Railings, Stairs and Gates

Fences, Bars, Railings, Stairs, Gates, etc.


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